What Does Your Life Blueprint Look Like?

I recently read a story about some young lads in the mid 1930’s who stepped onto a bus and tried to start a fight with a young man sitting at the back. They began to throw insults his way but the man didn’t respond. The lads drew closer and turned up the insults. Still no response.

The man stood up as they drew near to his stop. He was much larger than they had expected. As he casually walked past, he looked down at the young men and handed them his card. They quickly huddled together  to check out the card and read: Joe Louis, Professional Boxer

For those of you not in the know, Joe Louis would go onto be the Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the World from 1937-1949.

Here’s the thing. Assumptions can be dangerous and can sometimes land us in hot water. That includes assuming that we know what our plan is for life. However, as Mike Tyson says ‘We all have a plan until someone punches us in the face.’

We all have a plan until someone punches us in the face – Mike Tyson

Those boys were lucky that Joe didn’t punch them in the face, however life is not always that kind. Everyday I see people who have literally been punched in the face by life. What they had hoped for in life just isn’t happening. Whether it’s in the area of finance, career, relationships, or health, their current reality doesn’t match their life blueprint or the story they have crafted for their life.

So, what’s your life’s blueprint? How do you hope to see your life unfold? Where do you see yourself down the track? Do you see yourself with a family, perhaps travelling and pursuing something you enjoy? Ask yourself what drives you and gives you a sense of fulfillment?

Now the reality check: is your current way of doing things getting you closer to your life blueprint?

Try this simple exercise:

Think of something that makes you happy. Maybe it’s having a family or doing something you love.

Take time to think about why that makes you happy. Is it because that part of your life marries up or is making good progress towards the life story you imagine for yourself? Food for thought.

Now think of something that makes you sad. Let’s say you always dreamed of being a writer. You have a story inside you that’s ready to jump out, but…you don’t have the time. Your 9-5 job doesn’t give you the opportunity to express your desire to write or hone your writing ability.

This makes you sad and frustrated. Why? Because this part of your life doesn’t match your blueprint.

You have 2 choices. You either change your life blueprint, or you change your situation.

You have 2 choices. You either change your life blueprint, or you change your situation.

What’s it going to be?

Like you, I have a life story for myself. I’ve painted a picture for myself and will consider myself successful if I’m able to achieve it. Hopefully I’m on track….

The next few weeks, we’ll look at different aspects of life together – from health and relationships to financial well-being – and hopefully identify steps that move us towards and not away from the story that we have crafted for ourselves.

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