Raymond JourdanDirector & TMM12

‘The starting point to all achievement is desire.’

Life is an adventure. No day is the same. Each day presents new challenges and with it new opportunities.

When living in India and working amongst those suffering from extreme poverty, I learn’t that being an entrepreneur was more about survival than anything else, and it’s that innate survival instinct that sparks innovation.

For the poor it’s do or die. For many of us however it’s simply the comfort of accepting whatever life hands us. However, today the ability to deliberately design your life and reality is greater than anytime in history.

To start any great thing starts with asking the right questions. We all want to achieve something, but do we know what? We all want success, but do we know what that looks like?

Do you think knowing would help?

Mindsets are powerful. They colour your view of the world and frame the way you respond to opportunities and challenges. Whenever you innovate, no matter how small the innovation, you are embracing your natural instinct to make something better. Let the inner entrepreneur rise to the occasion a little more often, and you might just find yourself making better decisions, doing life better. At home, at work, everyday.

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