Vince BunnTMM12

Vince Bunn has been in business ever since he can remember. Even as a child his entrepreneurial skills were obvious as he would work out ways to fund his business ideas. These early skills made sure he and his friends had all the best toys and lunches at school.

He also did Judo as a young boy, which has given him a solid foundation of discipline and a strong respect for others. And these qualities are evident in his firm and friendly leadership style. Vince loves the challenge of being told something is impossible… “There has to be a way! If the result is worth chasing then there is a way to get there, you just got to find it.”

He lives by a win/win philosophy, which ensures a fair outcome for everyone he deals with. His level headed leadership and solid work ethic builds a great culture within the TMM environment.

Vince was born in the UK and has been a global traveller for most of his life.

In 1997 he chose Australia to be his new home and has never looked back. “Australia really is a land of opportunity, but unfortunately too many people are sceptical and think if it sounds too good to be true, then it is. I must be wired a different way, because all I see is a fantastic opportunity… and I have not been disappointed!”

It is this positive, ambitious and “go getter” attitude which Vince has helped bring together the TMM 12 and nurture and grow TMM to be the all new ‘Business in a box’ concept for everyone.